AFROCAN is an African, Caribbean, Afro Latina and Tropical Food Supermarket with locations in Brampton, Hamilton and Toronto carrying a wide range of popular African and Caribbean food and beauty products. We proudly serve the vibrant ethnic community throughout Brampton and Toronto with fresh produce and baked goods, meats, Dry Goods, Frozen products, Health and Beauty products and Tropical beverages.
Phone: (905) 564-5345
Phone: (905) 564-5340
Phone: (905) 564-5340
E: info@afrocanfoods.com
Our mission is to offer families ‘A touch of Tradition’ for your dietary needs with brands that you know and trust!
fresh produce
Come visit us for hard to find African and Caribbean produce items! Yam, Okra, Plantain and Hot Peppers are just a few of the items that are stocked daily alongside standard Grocery Produce!
baked goods
We stock freshly made baked goods from Traditional Bakers in the GTA! Come visit us and pick up your favourite brand of Sweet Bread, Tea Bread, Round Bread and more!
spices + oil
Having trouble finding that one spice for a recipe? We stock all of the spices that you will need for your African and Caribbean recipes in brands that you know and trust. We carry Palm, Olive, Canola, Vegetable, Soya and Sunflower Oil from a variety of manufacturers for all of your baking needs.
Hot or Cold, we’ve got you covered! Come visit us for a refreshing taste of home! Whether you are looking for a tropical juice, malt beverage or hot chocolate, we have the wide selection of drinks to satisfy everyone’s tastes!
We stock a large variety of meat and seafood products. Our large selection of frozen and smoked products means we have what you need for your recipe! We also carry pre-made items like Beef Patties & Meat pies.
hair + beauty
At Afrocan, we carry the products that you want for your beauty needs! Body & Hair Care products, Makeup and beautiful wigs are available from Brands that you can trust.